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What is Snap CEO?

Snap CEO is a free course designed to teach you the basics of growing and monetizing social media followings. It is focused around Snapchat but the principles are universal and can be applied to any platform.

As of 2019, I generally recommend applying the information to Instagram and Facebook instead of Snapchat. Snapchat took off in 2015 with their revolutionary creation of Snap Stories as a new means of social sharing. For better or worse, the stories method is being copied by everyone and Snapchat has a long road ahead if they wish to remain relevant.

Why Snapchat?

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What will I learn?

  • How to gain followers

  • How to make money on social media

  • Social media psychology

  • What content to share with your audience and how to create it

  • Tips and tricks used by the biggest social media players in the game

Who is Snap CEO for?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow an online audience

  • Internet & social media marketers

  • Companies & small businesses

  • Artists & influencers

  • Individuals who want more followers or want to start a business

  • Anyone interested in the inner workings of social media


Join 6,000+ students free!


“Very informative for a new user or someone looking to use it for business purposes. Well structured and easy to follow!”

—  Marvin Vasquez

-Snap CEO was created in January of 2017 in collaboration with Eric Hajjar and Nic Ruebel-

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