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Nothing In The World

You are the most beautiful girl in the world, but that is not why I love you.

When our lips touch I can taste the next 60 years of my life. Every fear I thought I felt fades into nothing. You make me believe in dreams. You support me, you push me, and never once do you doubt my crazy schemes.

With you on my arm, I could be a senator, a philanthropist, or the greatest artist ever known. With you on my arm, I can see truths the world has yet to discover. With you on my arm, I can be anything. But that’s not why I love you.

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down. You enchant me even when you're not around. When I am lost, you have the power to go where no one else can find me, and without a word you remind me, of the happiness that I know.

No one's ever done to me what you do to me. When I am with you the world around us fades and my head, heart, and senses overflow with curiosity and love as if the entirety of my being has been hijacked by god. Looking into your eyes is like sitting on the edge of the earth staring out into the ocean and I am suddenly overcome by the vastness of it all - I feel so small and yet so fucking big. Like nothing else matters but this moment, and that anything is possible. But that’s not why I love you.

The connection I feel with you is one of the few real things I’ve ever known. You’ve given me something that I can write about forever. You complete me. You make me feel whole. You make me feel at home. Your presence makes me feel grateful to be alive.

There is nothing sexier than hearing you talk about your dreams. You don’t just turns heads, you turn souls as well. When I am around you my senses awaken. You open my heart and my mind to the endless possibilities that just moments ago felt out of reach. When I am around you passion burns inside me and my mouth salivates as I taste the feeling of infinite potential. But that’s not why I love you.

My friends say I got it bad for you, and they’re right. Every day I am certain of less and less but I never question how I feel about you. Even though I am always tired, I’m never tired of you. Each and every second you set my soul on fire and I lose myself to the light that you are. I’ve never felt so comfortable being so out of control. You are my wildcard and no game is worth playing without one.

But none of this is why I love you.

I want to set your world on fire every day just like you set mine. But love is not fire, love is ash. It’s the thing that remains when the fire has burned out. I love you because I don’t need the sparks to love you. I love you in excitement and in boredom. I love you at your best and your worst. I love your highs, your lows, and all of the things that about you that you’re too scared to let everyone else know.

I love you because your love does not confine me, it frees me.

I love you because I never knew two could fit so right.

Now don’t you see why I love you.

I love you.

Because there is nothing in the world I would rather do.

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Jun 12, 2021

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Luis fernando tovar rico
Luis fernando tovar rico
Mar 05, 2019


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