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What is Dream Cartel?

How does Jay-Z see the world? What about Picasso? Mozart? Steve Jobs? Daniel Everett? Charles Darwin? Einstein? What made them great? How can I become like them? How can I see the world as they do?

Dream Cartel is a psychological art piece created on Instagram with Nic Ruebel and Josh Beard between 2013 and 2016. The purpose of Dream Cartel is to train your mind to see the world the way that all great masters past and present see it. To see things as they are, not as your emotions color them.

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The Most Beautiful Page on Instagram

Yes, it's been years since the completion of the project. But when I am feeling extra narcissistic, I’ll tell you that @dreamcartel is still the most beautiful page on Instagram. But hey, I’ll let you decide that for yourself. Want your mind blown? Ready to see the world world through new eyes?

Still want to know more about Dream Cartel?

Dream Cartel is a collection of what I call perspectives. Each perspective is formed by a series of nine posts that focus on a word like luck, attention, flow, gratitude, or style. The perspectives start by defining the focus word and proceed to tell a story through the next eight posts. When the perspective is complete, they combine to form an image. While I am in love with words, the mind is capable of so much more when we can think in images. This is all by design.


To learn more about the Dream Cartel, why it was created, its design, and how it can be used to train your mind, check out the full story here: (Link is not currently active. Check back soon)

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